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creating original content for your next project
crafting new and immersive experiences
to help share your story
through a variety of digital media
engaging your target audience
on a deeply emotional level
and connecting them to your world

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We craft experiences for impact

Seven Day Studios is a content production company, crafting original and immersive experiences, to share your story in creative and entertaining ways. Using a variety of media, we engage your target audience on an emotional level and more deeply connect them to your world.

We develop inventive solutions

We constantly strive to find new ways to break through the noise. We believe that by combining new technologies with traditional creative techniques, we can produce innovative experiences that your audience will want to engage with and share.

Creativity never sleeps

We understand that creativity does not work regular business hours. We thoughtfully draw inspiration from many areas of our lives and the world around us. We understand that staying open to the unexpected can add unique value to any project. Whenever creativity strikes, we are ready and waiting.

Storytelling Through Art

We use a combination of media, creative tools, techniques, and platforms to communicate your story to your audience. Using dynamic websites, cinematic video, powerful imagery, creative writing, and emotionally engaging music, we take your vision and make it a reality. While each can stand alone, combining different media creates a more engaging, multidimensional, and memorable experience. Creating a consistent style and tone throughout the project allows for seamless interaction that keeps your audience engaged. A deeper connection is then created, allowing your audience to be completely immersed with your story.

Adaptive Web Design Is Invisible

Creating a primary, central platform for your story experience is crucial. A website is often the place where the entire experience comes together. Custom web design allows for enhanced user interactions and media integration, creating an experience that might not otherwise be possible on other platforms like social media. The most effective designs often go unnoticed, quietly doing their jobs of keeping your creative content in the spotlight.

Sublime Photography Captures Time

Photographs are an incredible tool for conveying an idea or scene in an instant, especially when they match project style and are combined with text. Photographs have the unique characteristic of never changing and being a frozen moment in time, never showing more than a blink of an eye. While static, they can still convey a deeper level of story and encourage your audience to slow down and notice details they otherwise would have missed.

Effective Music Is Felt

Music of all genres can elicit a range of emotions from listeners, connecting to an audience in ways images, video and writing cannot. Through instrumentation, tone, tempo, style and harmonic language, music can enhance the drama of a narrative. Engaging the sense of hearing, music can compliment what is viewed on a screen or on a page, giving an added dimension to your experience. Often working through association and metaphor, music can reflect both time and space, remembering the past, living in the present and hinting at the future. Scoring custom music specifically for a project can have a tremendous impact on the experience, expressing underlying meanings, and taking your audience on a deeper journey through the narrative.

Engaging Sound Design Creates Place

Adding sound effects brings a multimedia story to life, giving auditory clues to your audience of the environment your story is in and what is happening around them that is not otherwise known. Sound effects can be subtle or more explicit, and can also be a useful way to give effective feedback to your audience as they interact with your experience. Using the right sound at the right time can emphasize an action, mood or feeling and perpetuate the perception of the reality of your narrative world, suspending disbelief even as your story transitions from one scene to the next.

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Iceland: Journey into the Abyss

Take a unique virtual journey through the Icelandic landscape via an immersive web-based multimedia experience that aims to inform and entertain. An inventive combination of in-depth research of Icelandic history and culture, compelling dramatic photography, breathtaking aerial video, cinematic music compositions, dynamic sound effects, and relevant facts, all connected through emotionally engaging storytelling. Gain a deeper understanding of Iceland, its history, its people, their culture and their relationship to its unforgiving natural environment. Take an imaginative journey through ice, fire, and step into the abyss.

Coming Soon

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